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Cabo Arch Tour Private

Fun, Adventure, Main Attractions and Incredible Value. Visit the Arch of Los Cabos in our Cabo Private Arch Tour, get picked up directly at your Hotel or Condo. Your search for things to do in Los Cabos is over. Your Professional and certified Tour Guide fills you in on your itinerary of Fun and Adventure. Your first stop in your Arch in Cabo San Lucas Tour and after a short ride and fantastic panoramic views of Los Cabos is our Tequila Tasting. Try a tasty selection of different types of Tequila, time of storage and types of wood defines the Tequilas Quality and taste. Your Tour guide will walk you through the Tequila making process while you taste a variety of the Award-winning Mexican Beverage, the Tequila. Next stop in your Private Tour is the Arch of Los Cabos and Lands’ End, hop on board of Los Cabos world famous Glass Bottom Boat for a 45-minute adventure to explore Los Cabos Main Attraction and must see while in Los Cabos. Pelican Rock is you first highlight where through the Glass Bottom of the Boat you are able to see beautiful and colorful Tropical Fish and other Sea Life of the Sea of Cortes. Lovers Beach, the window to the Pacific Ocean, Neptune’s Finger, the Sea Lions Colony and the Los Cabos Arch are further highlights and fantastic places for Spectacular Photos. Many other Rock Formations with local names are part of your adventure, each has its own particular past and story. Lands’ end was very popular with Pirates, it was a fantastic place to hide. Your guide and Captain shares Information of the past with you.

After your 45 Minute Boat Ride its up to you, this Adventure has a lot of flexibility for your return. Some people decide to bring along their bathing suite, the Boat Captain can drop you off at Lovers Beach by the Los Cabos Arch, if the sea conditions are safe for you, where you can explore the San Andres Cove, walk over to Divorce Beach and take a dip into crystal clear and pristine waters at Lovers Beach. The Boat Captain returns for you as this location is only accessible by Boat. If Lovers Beach for some reason would not be available or deemed safe due to Sea Conditions another Beach option is Los Cabos very popular Beach, La Empacadora, very visited by the locals and a clean and incredible great place for a dip into the ocean, your Captain would than drop you off at this Beach and return for you at the agreed time. Other people decide to go shopping in one of the Markets at the Marina for souvenirs to take home to their loved ones, others decide to have Lunch at one of the Cabo San Lucas Marina famous Restaurants, others do a combination, an extra hour of Beach time, some shopping and lunch, another just return right away due to a tight schedule. The Cabo Private Arch Tour has flexible returns at 1, 3 or 5 pm, you make your own itinerary, both the Tour Guide and Boat Captain adapt to your preferences. After a fantastic and entertaining Tour your Tour Guide returns you safely to your Hotel or Condo. This excursion is of great value and filled with Information, fun and Main attractions. To guarantee spaces we suggest early booking.

The incredible granite rock formations that extend to Land End in Cabo San Lucas have, over time, become much more than mere boundary markers or evocatively shaped oddities. The jutting promontory is a living symbol of the city, a sort of cinematic shorthand; and to see so much as a silhouette is to know exactly where you are in the world. In addition to its geographic and symbolic importance, Land’s End is also immensely important historically, and a thriving habitat for native flora and fauna, both above and below the waterline. Sea birds roost on craggy perches. Sea lions bask and bark. Marine life teems in the nutrient rich waters that hug the shore.

At dawn atop El Vigía (The Watcher), the large, humplike hill whose crest marks the high-point (500 feet) of the Land’s End headland, the rising sun covers land and sea with a blanket of red-gold light, before slowly unveiling the slow-rolling waves of the Pacific that stretch to the western horizon. It’s a scene that has been repeated innumerable times, and witnessed by innumerable generations of inhabitants, human and otherwise.

 For some perspective, the Sea of Cortés was born about 5.3 million years ago. So for more than 25 million years–a vast expanse of time–tectonic plate shifting and other geological processes were inexorably moving the Baja California peninsula towards its present position.

Playa del Amor was often referred to as Doña Chepa, or Doña Chepita, after, as legend has it, a prostitute who had appropriated the area for business purposes. In fact, her activities may have suggested the beach’s current moniker, which, if true, somewhat lessens the romance factor. Nonetheless, this lovely golden sand beach and its gently sloping underwater shelf are among Land’s End’s greatest treasures. Just beyond Lover’s Beach is Neptune’s Finger, another granite pinnacle, this one in the shape, as the name suggests, of a slightly bent finger rising from the deep. Corals, sponges and sea fans are among the most common sights for visiting divers. And beyond that, the Window to the Pacific, a vertical keyhole crack in the rocks at Land’s End that allows boaters on the Sea of Cortés side to see through to the Pacific. Boobies and cormorants nest nearby.  El Arco, the great arch itself, is also the boundary marker. It divides land from sea–it is the last stretch of uninterrupted land reaching down from Alaska to the southern tip of the 800 mile long Baja California peninsula–sea from sky, and the Sea of Cortés from the Pacific Ocean. A must visit during your Vacation in Los Cabos.

Back Problems, Expecting Mothers, Vertigo, People that get easily Sea Sick

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Private Round-trip Transportation, 45 Minute Glass Bottom Boat Ride, Professional Tour Guide, Tequila Tasting, Free Time, Flexible Return

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Comfortable Clothing, Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Cash for Souvenirs, Tipping and 2 Usd Port Fee per Person

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