Los Cabos Bungee Jumping


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Los Cabos Bungee Jumping


This Bungee Jumping in Cabo Adventure takes courage, strength and mindset, trust and confidence. On a Glass Bottom Gondola be taken to the middle of a Wild Desert Canyon, 300 feet above the Desert Oasis its time to make that decision, will I jump? Will I go through with this? Your Professional and very experienced Bungee Jumping in Cabo San Lucas Guide with more than 1,000 Bungee Jumps in Cabo of Experience will guide you through the process. Your search for things to do in Los Cabos during 2024 is over. He will not push you, throw you out of the Gondola. When you take that final step, you will stare fear in the eye, you will free fall into the Canyon with speed and feelings never experienced. You will feel awesome that you have taken that final step and have had the courage to Jump. Are you up for the challenge? Included and without extra charge is the fantastic Animal Kingdom visit with Iguanas, love-birds, macaws and many more friends are waiting for you. Also included in Your adventure is a walk over the longest wooden hanging bridge in America and the largest of its kind in the world. You will have an unforgettable day of fun!



► Round Trip Transportation

► Professional Equipment

► Professional Bungee Jump Tour Guide

► Equipment and Instructions

► Water Park

► Small Zoo Visit

► Largest hanging bridge in Latin America


Not Included:

► 25 Usd Park Entrance Fee per Person

► Gratuities


Frequently asked questions for Bungee Jumping in Cabo

Question: Is Bungee Jumping dangerous?

Answer: No, Bungee Jumping is a safe and fun activity, the safety regulations, equipment and procedures are International standard and considerably above what needs to be done to make this a safe Adventure. Your Tour is accompanied by several specialized and professional Tour Guides to make sure you are safe.

Question: Is Bungee Jumping difficult?

Answer: Bungee Jumping is very simple and explained and done very easy. It does not require special skills. What you need though is courage and overcome your fears.

Question: Does the tour include transportation from my Hotel, Condo or Airbnb?

Answer: Round Trip Transportation is included in your adventure from Hotels, Condos or Airbnb (For some locations you may have to move to a close by meeting point).

Question: Why do I have to pay and Entrance Fee of 20 Usd apart of my Tour Price?

Answer: The 20 Usd “Entrance Fee” is a Wild Life Conservation Fee, to keep everything clean and in ecologic harmony.

Question: How much time does the Bungee Jumping Tour take?

Answer: To complete the Tour it is approximately 1 hour, with fitting, instructions and set up the Tour is approximately 2 hours long. Adding on transportation both ways take into consideration 4 to 5 hours for your Adventure.

Question: Can I use my Go Pro or Camera during the Bungee Jump?

Answer: The use of Cameras or Go Pro is not allowed during the Adventure. A fall of Cameras, Phones or equipment ruins any Camera or Go Pro.  A professional Photographer will be taking photos of your adventure, at the end of the Tour you can purchase the Photos.

Question: What happens if I get sick the day of the Tour and cannot go to my Adventure?

Answer: We can re-schedule your Tour for later and when you feel better or with a medical certificate you can get a full refund for up to 2 people.

Question: What if my Vacation gets cancelled because of Covid-19?

Answer: You get a full refund the day you communicate this to us.

Question: Can I get sick with Coronavirus during the Tour?

Answer: All Bio Safety measures have been taken during your transportation, check in and tour to avoid sickness with Intense cleaning, Social Distancing, mask wearing and Anti-bacterial gel anywhere. Thousands of people are still currently enjoying Adventures in Los Cabos.

This Adventure takes place in an adventure park located in the tourist corridor of Cabo San Lucas – San José del Cabo where you will find many activities and some extreme sports. Within its 115 hectares you will find the zip-lining largest circuit in Baja! They also have “La Gondola” a funicular unique in its style with glass floors where you marvel with this amazing view. You will be amazed by this 18 ton engineering wonder with a capacity of 15 persons. La Gondola can withstand almost 140 tons sustained by its four steel cables of 35 tons each.

The owner and passionate Manager has travelled the world, has researched the best methods, equipment and techniques. Now after over 15 years, and plenty of hard work invested working with the Best and safest engineering firms, he has perfected the attractions to be able to offer you a unique experience, trustful and very safe. In addition, due to their environment conservation policies, they have designed all their activities so that they blend with the ecosystem without disturbing it while taking advantage of their geographical characteristics and thus preserve its flora and fauna.

Explore the natural wonders of Mexico in this Eco Park.  This Park opens its doors as the second ecological park from the Eco Park family following the idea of living an unforgettable adventure practicing extreme activities while coexisting with nature as you can do daily in the first Eco Park, Tapalpa.

Other Adventure Adrenalin Tours in Cabo

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Flying through the Los Cabo Sky on a Zip Line Adventure is an adrenalin filled, safe and fun adventure for Outdoor Lovers and Adrenalin Hunters. Something to get your blood pumping through your veins and enjoy Birds eye views of a natural hidden away Desert Oasis and Canyon. Great for Families and also Kids above 8 years. Fly alone, in Tandem, 3 or up to 4 people together.

Cabo Giant Swing (Click here for further Information)

Or why not return to Childhood and hop the Giant Swing that is 300 feet above the ground, making it without a doubt the biggest swing you’ve ever seen and the most amazing experience of your lifetime! The Giant Swing is a must-do for an Adrenalin Junkie. This adrenaline-packed ride is very smooth, exhilarating and can be done alone or with a companion. On your count, you’ll free fall and start swinging in a pendulum of a 240-foot radius at 96.5 km/hour. Are you ready?

Cabo Parasailing Tour (Click here for further Information)

Why not Parasailing in Cabo? Another Adrenalin, safe and fun Adventure to do in Cabo for Outdoor and Adventure Lovers. Get a Birds Eye view of the Los Cabos Arch and lands’ End alone or in tandem. It is easier than you think and you even can land back on the Boat if you do not want to get wet. Incredible fun and another challenge that you can scribble of your bucket List.

Whale Shark Snorkeling in La Paz (Click here for further Information)

Another fantastic and adventurous option that gets your blood pumping is Swimming and snorkeling beside Giant but gentle Whale Sharks in the La Paz Bay. Definitely also a fantastic Adventure for Outdoor Lovers and Adventure seekers. Plan for a full day of fun and Adventure with stunning sceneries of the Baja.

Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo National Park (Click here for further Information)

Swimming and snorkeling with Bull Sharks, Giant Turtles, manta rays and other beautiful Sea creatures that get your Blood pumping and is a heaven for Outdoor and adventure lovers. The adventure starts already with getting there, Cabo Pulmo is only accessible via Dirt Roads. Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo is more expensive but it is worth every penny spent.

Minimum Weight 90 Pounds maximum weight 240 pounds minimum age 10 years Heart, Back or Neck Problems Expecting Mothers Vertigo Osteoporosis use of camera

Your adventures includes
Roundtrip Transportation Highly qualified Guides Use of Professional Equipment Training Session Free Locker with oficial ID Bottled Water

What to bring?
use of camera closed comfortable shoes Hat or cap , Sunglasses Sun Block Cash Money for 20 Usd Park Entrance Fee per person, Souvenirs and Photos

From $125 to $125 USD 4 hoursDifficultCouples Expecting Mother

Bungee Jumping in Cabo
Bungee Jumping in Cabo San Lucas
Bungee Jumping Cabo San Lucas