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Adventure Combo


When it is time to choose the very best Things to do in Cabo San Lucas during your Vacation look no further. Our Adventure Cabo San Lucas Combo has it all. Choose 2 out of 4 of the most popular Tours in Cabo San Lucas and have a blast! How about ATV riding in Cabo San Lucas? Hop on your ATV in Cabo and race on one of the most Iconic Beaches of Los Cabos. This is the very best ATV Tour Cabo San Lucas that is available.  Combine with a Cabo San Lucas Camel Ride, hop on top of your Camel in Cabo and enjoy stunning views of Migriño Beach and the Pacific Ocean. Riding your Camel on the Beach is one of the most popular Camel Tour Cabo Experiences there is. Your 1-hour Cabo San Lucas Camel Ride can be part of your Combo Tour. Or perhaps you would rather enjoy Horseback Riding in Cabo San Lucas together with you ATV Cabo Experience. Migriño Beach again offers stunning views and an incredible Horseback Riding Cabo Experience that will create memories for life. Beginners or advanced will have the opportunity to enjoy the very best Horseback riding Cabo San Lucas experience there is. Another option is also to add on a Cabo Dune Buggy instead of the ATV in Cabo San Lucas. Dune Buggy in Cabo San Lucas is very popular, choose between a single, double, triple or even quadruple ride. Take your Razor Dune Buggy Cabo San Lucas for a spin over Sand Dunes, dry riverbeds and desert terrain and feel the raw Power.

Choose 2 out of the 4 Adventure Tours in Cabo available and enjoy an hour each, this combination is so beautiful for families, singles and couples alike. We pick you conveniently in the Lobby of the Hotel and return you safely after your Adventure. Plan for 4 hours, including transportation, of stunning views and Fun. Migriño Beach is an Iconic beautiful and secluded Beach location and parts of Brad Pitts Troya Movie was filmed there. Part of the fun is also the gearing up, enjoying visit to a small zoo with Birds, Iguanas and a Tequila Tasting.


► Round Trip Transportation

► Choose between the Camel Ride & ATV, Camel Ride & Dune Buggy, Horseback Riding and ATV, Horseback Riding and Dune Buggy or  the Camel and Horseback Riding Combo

► Each Activity is for 1 hour totaling 2 hours for the Activity

► Professional Tour Guides

► Free Locker with Picture ID

► Tequila Tasting


Not Included:

► Gratuities

► 20 Usd Park Conservation Fee per Person

► Optional Collision Insurance (35 Usd per ATV or 45 Usd per Dune Buggy) or leave an open Credit Card Voucher.


Restriction: The use of Cell Phones and Cameras is not permitted during driving a Motorized Vehicle or Riding a Wild Life Animal due to Mexican and International Laws. Just as anywhere else in the world using a Phone or Camera device represents danger to yourself and other participants and is not allowed.

Tip: You can bring along a Strap on Go Pro that would maintain the Go Pro Camera to your Head or Chest without having to hold and manipulate the device. Professional Photos are being taken and are available for purchase starting at 20 Usd after the Tour if you choose not to bring along your Strap on Go Pro.


Other Off-Road Adventure

ATV Tours in Cabo (Click here for further Information)

ATV Tours in Cabo are widely available and several companies are offering an ATV Tour in Los Cabos. Pricing differs and is according with the quality, safety and service of your ATV Adventure in Cabo. Ride Your ATV through Mountain, Desert, Dry Riverbeds and Beach Terrain accompanied by professional Tour Guides that keep you safe in this Adrenalin filled and fun Adventure.

Dune Buggy Tours with Razor (Click here for further Information)

Real Dune Buggies in Cabo are scarce and not much available, some companies are offering Dune Buggy Tours in Los Cabos. Pricing differs and is according with the quality, safety and service of your Buggy Adventure in Cabo. Ride Your Dune Buggy Razor through Mountain, Desert, Dry Riverbeds and Beach Terrain accompanied by professional Tour Guides that keep you safe in this Adrenalin filled and fun Adventure.

Other Adventure Adrenalin Tours in Cabo

Los Cabos Zip Line Tour (Click here for further Information)

Flying through the Los Cabo Sky on a Zip Line Adventure is an adrenalin filled, safe and fun adventure for Outdoor Lovers and Adrenalin Hunters. Something to get your blood pumping through your veins and enjoy Bird’s eye views of a natural hidden away Desert Oasis and Canyon. Great for Families and also Kids above 8 years. Fly alone, in Tandem, 3 or up to 4 people together.

Bungee Jumping in Cabo (Click here for further Information)

Jumping into the abyss of a Canyon Desert Oasis? An incredible safe and fun Bungee experience in Cabo that gets your blood running through your veins, work against your fears and accept a challenge only a few are willing to take on. The 1st step is the always the most difficult followed by freedom and an incredible feeling of having done it.

Cabo Parasailing Tour (Click here for further Information)

Why not Parasailing in Cabo? Another Adrenalin, safe and fun Adventure to do in Cabo for Outdoor and Adventure Lovers. Get a Birds Eye view of the Los Cabos Arch and lands’ End alone or in tandem. It is easier than you think and you even can land back on the Boat if you do not want to get wet. Incredible fun and another challenge that you can scribble of your bucket List.

Whale Shark Snorkeling in La Paz (Click here for further Information)

Another fantastic and adventurous option that gets your blood pumping is Swimming and snorkeling beside Giant but gentle Whale Sharks in the La Paz Bay. Definitely also a fantastic Adventure for Outdoor Lovers and Adventure seekers. Plan for a full day of fun and Adventure with stunning sceneries of the Baja.

Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo National Park (Click here for further Information)

Swimming and snorkeling with Bull Sharks, Giant Turtles, manta rays and other beautiful Sea creatures that get your Blood pumping and is a heaven for Outdoor and adventure lovers. The adventure starts already with getting there, Cabo Pulmo is only accessible via Dirt Roads. Snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo is more expensive but it is worth every penny spent.

Minimum Age 8 Years, Not recommended for people with Back Pain, vertigo or expecting Mothers. A Valid Drivers License is needed if you choose a vehicle. , the use of Cameras or Phones is not allowed.

Your adventures includes
Wate, Safety Equipment, Round Trip Transportation and Tequila Tasting

What to bring?
Cash Money for 20 Usd Park Entrance Fee per person and 35 Usd Collision insurance, Souvenirs and Photos Closed Shoes (No Sandals), Light and comfortable clothing, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Sunblock and Bug Spray, Drivers License

From $125 to $125 USD 2 hoursEasyFamily 5 year +

Camel Ride, ATV Tour, Dune Buggy & Horseback Riding Combo
Camel Ride and ATV Combo
Horseback Riding and Dune Buggy Combo
ATV and Horseback Riding Combo
2 x 1 Combo for Tours in Cabo