Hidden Secrets of the Baja


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Hidden Secrets of the Baja


Ecologic Adventure, Nature & History of the Hidden Villges of Southern Baja!

If you are looking for Off the beaten path things to do in Cabo duringh 2024 look not further and explore the Baja’s secret rural villages nearby Los Cabos.

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays Hidden Secrets of the Baja takes you to a deep to the roots cultural tour that brings you closer to the people and hidden Rural towns nearby Los Cabos. You'll get to know the way of living and the customs of the real natives of the area. In this Off the beaten path adventure we'll visit different villages located near San Jose del Cabo and at the East Cape area including: Miraflores, Santiago, Buena Vista, and Los Barriles. Miraflores used to be the largest saddlery in Baja California South, but due to the growth of the tourist industry and the decline in the consumption of these products, the activity ended up being much less important. After we visit the saddlers in town, we will visit the rustic furniture makers; great activity with a very amazing concept as each wooden furniture is distinguished by being unique and different from others, because they are designed and manufactured in based on the shape of the tree, and in which only fallen trees of the surrounding areas are used. Here at Miraflores, we'll also visit the House of Culture, where you will see different traditional clothing that people have used over time.

Santiago is an agricultural village with stunning views and incredible vegetation, home to the only existing zoo of the two Baja’s. Contrary of what you might think, the zoo is small in size and number of animal species. After visiting the zoo, we'll visit the Mission of the town. Soon we arrive to Buena Vista, we'll visit the small-town hotel where you'll discover the amazing hot springs that flow below the building and into the beach. According to some historical background, they were discovered accidentally when digging wells for water, which is very scarce in this area. The thermal water is so hot that the hotel uses cooling systems to lower its temperature. Also, the pumping system has some internal parts made ​​of gold, in order to withstand the temperature and corrosive minerals contained in the water.

Right here in Buena Vista, we'll visit the old Military Hacienda of General Olachea and once again in our van, we'll climb “el Cerro de la Bandera” (Flag Hill), to enjoy one of the most impressive panoramic views in the East Cape area. A good place to take stunning pictures with your family or friends. Time for our last stop at Los Barriles, we'll visit the resorts and the town and we'll also enjoy a delicious meal at a good local restaurant before returning back to Los Cabos.



► Round Trip Transportation

► Visit of a rural Saddle maker

► Local Rural Furniture maker

► House of Culture

► The Mission of Santiago

► Thermal Waters

► Old Hacienda of General Olachea

► Incredible Panoramic Views

► Lunch at a local Rural Restaurant

► Bottled Water and Soft Drinks


Not Included:

► Gratuities for the Tour Guide


Get plenty of Information about the past of the Rural and sorrounding Hidden Villages around Los Cabos and submerge yourself into the past. 

Back Problems,problems with walking

Your adventures includes
Round Trip Transportation, Fully air-conditioned vans, Bilingual tour guide, Bottled water & sodas, Lunch at Los Barriles.

What to bring?
Camera for Fantastic Photos,cash for Souvenirs and Food Stands, Comfortable Shoes, Hat, (Sweater in Winter Month)

From $94 to $125 USD 6 hoursEasyFamily 5 year +

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