Private ATV Tour in Cabo San Lucas


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Private ATV Tour in Cabo San Lucas


Riding an ATV in the Desert, Mountain, Dry Riverbed and on a stunning Los Cabos Beach is one of the most Popular activities to do here in Cabo San Lucas. Hop on to your Single or Double ATV and explore the Baja Off Road with Dry Riverbeds, Mountain and a stunning secluded Beach. Private Round Trip Transportation, Private Tour Guide, Safety Equipment, Bandana and Goggles are included in Your Adventure. This 2 hour  Private ATV Adventure is a fantastic experience and incredible fun. 


► Private Round Trip Transportation

► Private 2 Hour ATV Guided Tour

► Beach, Mountain and Dry Riverbed Terrain

► Private Professional Tour Guides

► Bandana and Safety Goggles

► Water Refill Stations (Bring your Bottle)


Not Included:

► 20 Usd Park Conservation Fee per Person

► 35 Usd Optional Collision Insurance (or leave a Credit Card Voucher)

► Gratuities


What to bring along?

► Closed Shoes, preferable Tennis Shoes

► Long Pants and comfortable T Shirt

► Bring clothing that can get dirty, no designer clothing

► Camera for stunning Photos

► Sun Block and Bug Spray

► Change of Clothing for after the Tour


Frequently asked questions for the ATV in Cabo

Question: Is ATV riding dangerous?

Answer: No, the ATV Tour is a safe and fun activity, the safety regulations, equipment and procedures are International standard and considerably above what needs to be done to make this a safe Adventure. Your Tour is accompanied by several professional Tour Guides to make sure you are safe.

Question: Is riding the ATV difficult?

Answer: Riding a Semi-Automatic or fully automatic ATV is very simple and explained and done very easy. It does not require special skills. It is easy to ride an ATV.

Question: Do I need a valid Drivers License to ride the ATV?

Answer: Yes, a valid driver’s license is required to drive the ATV and the minimum age is 16 years old. In the double ATV the driver requires a Drivers License and the companion does not require one.

Question: If I purchase a double ATV can I switch places with my companion?

Answer: Yes, if she or he has a valid driver license you can switch during the Tour in several occasions.

Question: Does the tour include transportation from my Hotel, Condo or Airbnb?

Answer: Round Trip Transportation is included in your adventure from Hotels, Condos or Airbnb (For some locations you may have to move to a close by meeting point).

Question: Why do I have to pay and Entrance Fee of 20 Usd apart of my Tour Price?

Answer: The 20 Usd “Entrance Fee” is a Wild Life Conservation Fee, to keep everything clean and in ecologic harmony.

Question: Why do I have to buy a collision insurance additionally to my Tour Price?

Answer: Damages to the ATV and suspension are very common as you are racing through some rough terrain. Prior to implementing the Insurance people had to pay for the damages themselves that cost hundreds to thousands of USD and many complaints. Now you can get the insurance for a small price and are covered 100% for damages.

Question: How much time is the ATV Tour take?

Answer: To complete the Tour it is approximately 2 hours, with fitting, instructions and set up the Tour is approximately 2 hours and a half long. Adding on transportation both ways take into consideration 4 to 5 hours for your Adventure.

Question: Can I use my Go Pro or Camera during the ATV Tour?

Answer: The use of Cameras or Go Pro is not allowed during the Adventure. A fall of Cameras, Phones or equipment ruins any Camera or Go Pro, access is almost impossible for recovery. A professional Photographer will be taking photos of your adventure, at the end of the Tour you can purchase the Photos.

Question: What happens if I get sick the day of the Tour and cannot go to my Adventure?

Answer: We can re-schedule your Tour for later and when you feel better or with a medical certificate you can get a full refund for up to 2 people.

Question: What if my Vacation gets cancelled because of Covid-19?

Answer: You get a full refund the day you communicate this to us.

Question: Can I get sick with Coronavirus during the Tour?

Answer: All Bio Safety measures have been taken during your transportation, check in and tour to avoid sickness with Intense cleaning, Social Distancing, mask wearing and Anti-bacterial gel anywhere. Thousands of people are still currently enjoying Adventures in Los Cabos.

Back Problems,problems with walking, Vertigo, No Drivers License

Your adventures includes
Private 2 hour ATV Ride, Safety Equipment, Private Round Trip Transportation, Private Professional Guides and Bottled Waterdes and Bottled Water

What to bring?
Comfortable clothes, Athletic shoes, light sweater (winter), Biodegradable sunscreen Money for Souvenirs, Photos, Park Entrance fee (20 Usd) and Insurance not included

From $1550 to $380 USD 2 hoursEasyFamily 5 year +

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